Future Memories

Future Memories

Future Memories

Various Artists


It’s time for more calming electronica from Interchill Records, the premier source of space music designed to calm you down after an overexcited evening of ecstasy-fueled dancing. There are ten different bands on this disc, all close enough in style to never jar the listener as the track changes, but distinct enough for you to know something new is on the turntable. Eat Static opens the disc with “Sands of Time”, a tune that recalls the ambient sounds of a 1970s sci-fi thriller modulated with the sensibility of 21st century production values. By the fourth cut, we find some mysterious background vocals on Phutureprimative’s “Deeper”. It’s not a lyric, of course, but voice as instrument on a track that heads into a darker and slightly fuzzy dance beat. I love the whole weirdness of the band names on Interchill; the best group name is Carbon Based Lifeforms. Their “Reaktion” lays down a relaxing drum loop and sprinkles little shiny bits of piano and keys on top. Like all the other excellent Interchill compilations, this is a well-mixed, coherent journey of sound that never grates and always flows along in a continuous concept. Peace out, bro.

Interchill Records: http://www.interchill.com

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