Gregg Yeti and The Best Lights

Gregg Yeti and The Best Lights

Gregg Yeti and The Best Lights

Heart Palpitations of The Rich And Famous

Eskimo Kiss

Gregg Yeti plays and writes small songs dominated by a narrow dynamic range guitar and drum sound, backed with a constant low-energy roll of cymbals. He’s close to a one-man show, doing most of the vocals and instruments, and only occasionally calling in a female voice or alternate drummer. It feels like he loves all his instruments equally, and gives them all equal weighting in his final mix. That socialist mixing style makes for uninteresting listening as you never know where to focus and even if there was a blindingly beautiful riff, you are hard pressed to find it in this shag carpet of sound. Yeti’s lyrics are complex and lean toward the angst-ridden love song. “Adventures in Bad Tee Shirts” features the line “I wear the tattoo you drew like a lesion” and nearly all his songs contain similar gems. Reading the liner notes feels more rewarding than listening to the music. This record claims to be alternative, but an alternative to what? Gregg Yeti fails to stand out in the over crowded field of alt-rockers.

Gregg Yeti:

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