Nat Baldwin

Nat Baldwin

Nat Baldwin


Broken Sparrow

If you like your music experimental, this may be your cup of tea. As a young man, Nat Baldwin loved the double bass as well as the basketball court. I can’t speak for his shooting percentage, but he’s an acceptable bass player. While most orchestras and rockabilly bands have a double bass or two, you rarely hear a double bass solo. Here’s your chance. The bass rarely heads up a show; its place is down in back, reinforcing melody and setting mood with gut-rumbling low notes. Nate transcends that and makes the bass the center of attention with other strings and drums worshiping him in a subservient supporting role. He’s not about to take over the charts, and it’s not until track nine, “The Mask I Wear,” that he really grabs my attention when his voice finally synchs up with the music and something magic happens. If you liked any of the Ralph Records stable of artists, give this a listen.

Broken Sparrow:

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