T.K. Webb and the Visions

T.K. Webb and the Visions

T.K. Webb and the Visions



What began as Thomas Kelly Webb’s one man march into the saturated market of folk singers in NYC has since evolved into a beautiful interpretation of ’70s rock as seen through the eyes of a true modern day visionary.

T.K. Webb and The Visions are responsible for this inexplicable disc of wonder that sits here upon my desk and refuses to allow me to take off the headphones and cook dinner. What at first feels like stoner rock quickly melts into something so much deeper, and I just have to keep on listening. Classic rock guitar sounds with slightly psychedelic undertones sit beneath a voice that bears the same nuisances as Michael Stipe, only a Stipe who has reeled in his tendency to flail about. Imagine the R.E.M. front man heading up Wolfmother, and you may get a rough idea as to the nature of Ancestor.

Even when the band treads into epic song territory, as they do on the eight-minute-long “God Bless the Little Angels,” and dares to wait until the four minute mark to allow the vocals to kick in, they do so with undeniable confidence. The slow building, Bowie-esque piece is the strongest song on an album that’s full of great ones.

Rather than try to sound like a band from the ’70s, T.K. and the Visions feel like a long lost treasure discovered in some dusty vinyl bin in an ancient record store.

T.K. Webb and the Visions: www.myspace.com/tkwebbandthevisions

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