Ten Years As a Bit Stained Wretch

Ten Years As a Bit Stained Wretch

Ten Years As a Bit Stained Wretch

Ten years ago today, I wrote a 350 word review of the movie “Orgasmo.” Ink19 needed a film critic to cover the Enzian in Maitland, and I was the only person who submitted a review out of the dozen or so comers. It was a small thing at the time, but it steered me in directions I had never considered – writing about and making film, theatre, and even getting paid to do it. (note – all Ink19 staff are volunteers, but it’s a resume builder.)

Back in that benighted 1990’s, Ink19 came on real paper and you found it in bars or used record shops or wherever people with poor social skills hung out. Did I have qualifications? Maybe – for two years I counted breasts and dead bodies in C-Grade movies for Joe Bob Briggs, the Drive In Film critic from Grapevine Texas. That job didn’t pay either, but if you’re looking to get rich in this business, start out with a day job and access to a printer and build from there. Since then I’ve commented on over 700 plays, 250 films, more awful CD’s than you can shake a stick at, and even a wedding. Some where along the way I figured out how to write a play and get it produced, and even made a short film that played at the Enzian. Once, but it WAS on screen and there WAS an audince.

It’s been fun, and I want to apologize for every misspelled name, every wrongly attributed character, and every record I panned. Thanks to everyone who comped me in, invited me to a party, laughed at my jokes, and thanked me for a bad review. I know the amount of labor, creativity, and heartbreak that goes into putting on a play, making a film, writing a book, or recording a CD, and hope you all get filthy rich, give a pompous acceptance speech at an un-watched awards ceremony, and don’t have to stay in rehab any longer than a court orders.

Thanks all the people who encouraged me, tolerated me, and gave tactful advice or dressed me down in public – Ian Koss, Beth Marshall, Christian Kelty, Eric Hissom, Tod Kimbro, Gale, Seth Kubersky, Steve Schnieder, David Lee, John Blum, Terry Olson, and countless others.

Back to work. I can’t just rest on your laurels.

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