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Down The Line

Down The Line

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Down the Line popped out a few regionally successful CDs and now goes for the “Greatest Hits/Live” CD. This Chicago-based quartet makes a pleasant, almost country sound, tinged with Buffett and other vaguely recognizable pop icons. All the band members are listed as vocalists, and they pull together some tight harmonies that approach barber shop smoothness. “Change Your Mind” is a good example, but those harmonies are never far away and reappear beautifully on their synth-free version of Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants To Rule The World.” Their style is friendly and laid back, and the club audience is clearly and justifiably partisan. These are the sort of guys you should pay a stiff cover to see live – they sound great on CD and that usually means the live show rocks, even if that’s in an acoustic, unplugged, folksy style.

Down the Line:

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