Proud Simon

Proud Simon

Proud Simon

A Night of Criminals

Team Clermont

Proud Simon reminds me of that band whose drummer happens to be your friend, so you end up going to all of their shows, but not because the band is particularly stellar; you go because you’re friends with the drummer and they happen to be really nice fellas offstage. A Night of Criminals isn’t bad, it’s just not particularly stellar.

“Why, you heartless wench, would you say such a thing?” you may ask. Well, just let me say my convoluted piece of opinion and you can retain your “heartless wench” remark. It feels like I’ve heard A Night of Criminals before. I grew up with it, I grew out of it, and I don’t miss it. The pleasing and nonabrasive Brian Keenan winds melodies of silk and solitude, the band chimes in the background with harmonies over his lyrics, and the drums merely keep the time.

However, here is the argument that I pose: My mom really liked this album and it takes a great deal of something to have my mom like a band’s music. I think because it reminds her of the classic rock station that plays the same 12 songs every day — which isn’t bad! It’s just been done.

My final verdict — A Night of Criminals wasn’t weird enough for me, but the casual music lover will find this pleasing and easy-going. Bam!

Who they remind you of: Wilco, Decemberists

Proud Simon:

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