A Season of Bad Dreams

Community Records

Produced and engineered by Underoath guitarist Tim McTague and mixed by Saosin guitarist Beau Burchell, Tampa, Florida’s Safety sounds absolutely nothing like either of those wildly popular screamo groups. File A Season of Bad Dreams in between Face to Face, Strung Out, and Paint it Black.

Fans of fast, fun, mindless three chord punk rock, rejoice! Here is one more mouth-watering release to add to your already vast collection! In just over fifteen minutes, this quick listen delivers pop-punk sing-alongs (“Time’s Up,” “Piece of Mind”), hardcore bursts of aggression (“Negative Work”), and even a bitter lost-love song with a soft acoustic intro that bursts into a fast melody at the thirty-second mark (“A Book of One-Liners”).

This young trio from Tampa, Florida is getting the word out about its impossibly catchy music the simplest way possible: they’re giving it away. No joke, no fine print, you can download this seven-song album through Audible Diversion Group’s website:

Audible Diversion Group:

It’s free! It’s legal! Get this EP and discover a great new Florida punk band.


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