The Family Curse

The Family Curse

The Family Curse

Spice Rack

Fainting Room Collective

There’s an element of free-form psychedelic jazz improv feeling in The Family Curse’s new disc Spice Rack. Vocalist Megan Tweed sings in an unintelligible falsetto over the screaming guitar chords of her brother Marc and the relatively calm drum beats of Jeff Doom. Taking no prisoners and keeping all knobs at 11, their angry throat-stripping electro sound seems to call for a heavy dose of cough suppressant and antidepressants. That’s not just my opinion; I think I heard all those words on “The Get High Team” and I always put faith in a band’s self-descriptive debaucheries. You’ll have to pay close attention to catch those juicy morsels because The Family Curse prefers to digitally resample sounds that move pitch and tempo around. The down side is lyrics get buried in the wall of noise, but they fit better in the notes that lurk beside them. In other words, if Megan misses a note, they can fix it in the mix. For those who prefer constant sonic attack, this band is a good choice.

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