Forward, Russia!

Forward, Russia!

Forward, Russia!

Life Processes


Forward, Russia!’s first album Give Me A Wall drew a lot of comparisons to fellow British rockers Bloc Party. But then again, so did all the other British post-punk bands circa 2006. Fortunately, with Forward Russia!’s follow-up Life Processes, the group has grown into a much harder sound, leaving behind tired post-punk rhythms and embracing their prog-rock roots complete with technical riffs and wailing vocals. In fact, Tom Woodhead’s awesome falsetto is one of the most engaging things about Forward, Russia! At first you’ll be like, “Whoa, what is going on”? But soon you’ll be saying, “I wish I could sing like that… I could be a karaoke king!” At least, that’s what I said.

Lyrically, Life Processes is dramatic and verbose. Religious icons, regret, pitchforks and satellites all somehow find their way onto the album without sounding false, which is saying something after a debut that didn’t even have song titles. Do Forward, Russia! follow trends? Maybe just a little, but they also deliver the goods better than lots of other bands out there right now.


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