Sister Hazel

Sister Hazel

Sister Hazel

Before The Amplifiers

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Whether it’s releasing new material or touring, Sister Hazel are never anything less than prolific, and their first live acoustic record, Before The Amplifiers, gives their hardcore fan base a taste of their southern-flavored melodic rock in a more intimate environment.

“All For You,” a hit during Sister Hazel’s major-label days is duly represented, and the material spans the breadth of the band’s numerous studio albums.

The nostalgic vibe of “Come Around” is perfect for an acoustic setting, with its melody shining through Ken Block’s trademark vocal. The down-home country of “Starfish” and the uptempo “Swan Dive” get the audience up, while wedding dance piano ballad “This Kind of Love” shows the diversity of the band’s output down the years.

Although Before The Amplifiers isn’t likely to win Sister Hazel new fans, it certainly shows another side to a popular, hardworking band.

Sister Hazel:

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