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House of Badger

House of Badger

Death Birds

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House of Badger advertise themselves as being a “music and multimedia experience.” I can only imagine what their live shows are like with projectors and live video images as a backdrop because their debut album Death Birds is, in itself, a great listen.

The opener “Vultures” sounds like something right off Portishead’s latest album. The way that vocalist Amanda Kelley sings the chorus, “Someday we’ll change our ways” continues to ring through my head; taunting me as if I am doing something that I should be regretting.

“Darkness is Light” sounds like it would be fascinating live as it is a brooding rocker that incorporates lots of percussion, making it sound almost tribal.

“Away” is a great track for minimalists especially during the verses as Kelley’s vocals are accompanied by only the rhythm of the bass (which is fairly well-hidden) and drums and some random guitar plucking. The minimalist approach continues on “Death Birds in Trees” with a haunting twist as Kelley calmly sings the chorus “I’m not afraid / Of death birds in trees” overtop of minor guitar chords.

Death Birds is a varied album with everything from full-on instrumentation to very minimal instrument usage, all with a distinct gothic undertone. House of Badger is what you’d get if you mixed Portishead and Evanescence. Never having seen a live show, I don’t know if this album captures the “music and multimedia experience” or not. I do know that it is a pleasurable listen.

House of Badger:

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