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Will we ever see these documents?

The Missing Memos

The Bush administration’s “war on terror”–including its controversial policies on detentions, interrogations and warrantless wiretapping–was all underpinned by legal memoranda. While some of those memos have been released (primarily as a result of ACLU lawsuits), the former administration chose to keep many others secret, citing security and confidentiality concerns.

The decision to release them now lies with President Obama. To help inform the debate–and inject an extra dose of accountability–we’re posting a list of the relevant memos, both public and secret. (The ACLU first compiled a list of still-secret memoranda, which ProPublica verified.) </em>

Go visit the site. It’s an eye-opening depiction of how little we actually know about the forces that governed us for the last eight years. But even without seeing the flimsy “legal” approval and rationale for their actions presumably hidden in these documents, everyone knows that they are nothing more than the CYA whimperings of torturers and murdering sociopaths.

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