The Seven Mile Journey

The Seven Mile Journey

The Seven Mile Journey

The Metamorphosis Project


The Seven Mile Journey are something along the lines of a Scandinavian Explosions in the Sky. The music the instrumental Danish four-piece creates is heavy on mood and texture, but doesn’t forsake the melody in the slightest. Nearly every track adheres to the build-and-release model of post-rock, beginning with a quietly eked out drone, added tension via an increasing rhythm section and blooming into a panorama of guitar melody. The band’s foundation is solid and the more epic tracks – especially the 15-minute closer “Purification – The Journey Transcriptions” – provide a unique spin on the genre by taking a basic riff and gradually modifying it with tempo changes, distortion levels and backing instrument interplay to create an interesting and intricate latticework out of something borderline banal. This is more the exception than the rule however. More often, the soundscapes populating The Metamorphosis Project are overly familiar and feel like a return trip to same part of the stratosphere their post-rock progenitors took listeners half a decade ago.

The Seven Mile Journey:

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