American Speedway

American Speedway

American Speedway

Ship Of Fools


Faster, louder, cleaner – this high energy metal band features amazingly clear lyrics, fast but competent playing, and reasonably well-thought-out songs that aren’t completely dependent on profanity. Not that I have a problem with profanity, it’s that its just been done to death and I’m glad to see a young up-and-coming band THINK about the words in their songs, and execute them so I can think about them as well. Having said all that, American Speedway isn’t giving any ground on topics. They love their drugs (“Cocaine”), they put in their share of DUI time (“Drinkin’ and Drivin’”), and fights are a regular part of their diet, like Budweiser and dental floss. They’ve even selected hip band names, with bassist Billy Angry winning the contest in my book. I’m not sure I’m ready to call this “thinking man’s metal,” but it’s a contender

American Speedway:

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