The Bodies Obtained

The Bodies Obtained

The Bodies Obtained

From The Top Of My Tree

Finding You Attractive

From the creepy cover art to the enigmatic band name/album title to the music itself, these guys are very high concept, perhaps so high the oxygen is running low. They make rhythms that feel like they’re played backwards, vocals that compare with their slow yet satanic violins, and they write songs structured like a Vogon Poetry slam. The website brags that there are no existing pictures of the band, and then compares them to the Residents. It’s an apt comparison if you mix in the soaring, hopeful sound of power pop and early LA new wave scene. The music feels like it needs a large space to sound its best; perhaps a movie soundtrack would be a good gig for these boys. True, The Bodies Obtained are intellectually challenging, and you sense a level of composition skill that can take these recluses into the electronic music stratosphere.

The Bodies Obtained:

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