Modern Masters Volume 17: Lee Weeks

Modern Masters Volume 17: Lee Weeks

Modern Masters Volume 17: Lee Weeks

by Tom Field and Eric Nolen-Weathington

TwoMorrows Publishing

The TwoMorrows’ Modern Masters series is acclaimed for its in-depth interview with the artist and an excellent selection of original comic pages. Volume seventeen features artist Lee Weeks in an interview conducted by Weeks’ lifelong friend Tom Field, a superhero comic writer who grew up with him in Maine, where they spent their teenage years talking and dreaming about making it in the comics industry.

The most interesting part of the interview is the years Weeks spent trying to get his first gig in comics. He attended the legendary Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts. (Remember the caveman ads that were in every comic you bought as a kid?) Weeks and Field recount their adventures bothering pros at East Coast comic conventions in the ’70s, through Weeks’ rise as a fan favorite artist during his run on Daredevil, to his specialization on miniseries work.

Weeks is a very capable pro-mainstream comics artist, but he’s no “Master” – did you buy Predator vs. Magnus Robot Fighter or Tarzan vs. Predator: At the Earth’s Core in the ’90s? But it is interesting to learn about the insight of a working comic artist. Plus, I guess I’m just a sucker for hearing two buddies reminisce about their youth.


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