Eyes at Half Mast

Arena Rock Recording Co.

When putting this on, I thought I was going to enter a David Lynch lodge of dark sonics and lord knows what creepy tonelands. Goes to show how a band’s name sure can fool you sometimes; there’s nothing demonic about this band at all. More appropriately, Talkdemonic sounds like the talk of forest creatures on the topic of a day in the life of a forest creature. If the rolling sound effects of a caterpillar traveling from one branch to another while a bird cleans its feathers and a deer tiptoes around for food appeals to you, then Talkdemonic’s capturing of this realm in a calm, fun, instrumental pop form is going to be your thing. In fact, the more I listened to Eyes at Half Mast, the more I felt like walking down to the creek a few blocks away and feeding the ducks. And if I fell into a rabbit hole halfway between the creek and this music, I have a feeling that the rabbit inhabiting said hole would be rocking the album backwards. And, yes, it makes perfect sense. Nothing demonic here, just a relaxed, melodic walk in the park.

Arena Rock:

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