The MCP Band

The MCP Band

The MCP Band

Above The Waterline

The ’80s are often remembered for a flock of synth-powered New Wave acts or arena-filling spandex metal groups. What’s usually missing from the memories of many MTV-addicted forty-somethings is the blues rock that managed to creep onto the charts from largely forgotten bar bands like the Georgia Satellites and the Fabulous Thunderbirds. The MCP Band, with its rootsy, good-time party rock, could be viewed as spiritual kin to those unlikely mainstream crossovers.

The MCP Band operates as if the ’90s grunge revolution never existed. They’re locked in a time warp – but their era of origin cannot be pinpointed. The MCP Band incorporates stylistic moves from ’60s psychedelia (“E Funk”), ’70s country rock (“Centerville”), and the aforementioned ’80s boogie blues (“Poor Tomorrow”). The band produces fairly upbeat, life-affirming songs with relentlessly catchy toe-tapping hooks. Even when the guitars are cranked to the max, as on heavy pounders “D Space” and “My Blue Car,” the MCP Band never loses sight of melody. In the hands of a younger, lesser act, the thick distortion on “My Blue Car” would have been deafening and tuneless; the MCP Band merely uses it as another weapon in their arsenal, giving the track added punch without letting it veer off the tracks.


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