Hordes of Chaos


Coming on the heels of extremely enjoyable revivals by blood brothers Destruction and Sodom (c’mon, these three bands are the real thrash metal holy trinity), this reviewer’s anticipation was fucking well high for the newest effort by Germany’s thrashiest, Kreator. But where Sodom just splattered all over the pavement in a revelatory gonzoid burst and Desruction went straight for the jugular with some brand new tricks, Kreator (Mille Petrozza and his boys) falls somewhat short. It’s not like they took a stylistic left turn, they’re still heavy as hell, and Mllle’s lyrics are secular humanist and progressive to the core, taking on class warfare, multinational corporations, war and other very weighty world affairs in a manner much more effective than another dreary pamphlet or blog; but the album sounds WAY too much like Slayer’s most recent album, down to a Tom Araya-esque raw bark. Some of their manic individuality and unpredictable sprints are lost in a rush of blood-red warstomp. Weird. I listened to it again and again, checked the label just to make sure I got the right disc, and then just put it down, nonplussed and more than a little disappointed.


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