The Dark Romantics

The Dark Romantics

The Dark Romantics



Here’s a solid rocking band with touches of indie streaking their hair, a dusting of jazz on their guitars, and just a dash of angst in their songwriting. The songs are complex enough to engage and hold your attention, while their playing stays crisp and in focus – they have a knack for arrangement and all their band promo photographs have a dark, mysterious quality that says – “Arty. Good Arty.”

“Another Song For Another Night” might be a pickup line or an attempt at a half-hearted make up with an ex; it’s punctuated by minimal guitars that occasionally flare up into a fiery harmony. “Hush Your Mouth” is a darker song with lyrics I’ve yet to decode. More rhythm-oriented, with an urgent drumming trying to out pace the guitars, “Let’s Ride” takes up the dream of cars and roads and leaving the past. The Dark Romantics are a homey band from Florida formed by two married couples, and the girls are sisters. They never say exactly who plays what, but it all sounds good. I just hope they never have to fire the drummer.

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