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1090 Club

1090 Club

Natural Selection


After the intense debut, Shipwrecked on Shores, 1090 Club has released its latest and greatest, Natural Selection. But is it their latest and greatest?

Yeah, pretty much. “ITSON” is definitely my favorite track of this album (I don’t care if you don’t care). And yes, we’ve heard piano and violin integrated into rock before, but it still works here. In the way it complements Cursive’s emotion, the violin and piano balance out the resonant drums and steady vocals of 1090 Club. “Earworm” sounds like a hymnal from a progressive place of worship. Finally, “Do” takes the album out with staccato drums and violin repeating “Here we go…”

I recommend picking up Shipwrecked on Shores first before venturing into Natural territory. You’re not ready for 1090 Club.

Who they remind you of: Au, Cursive

1090 Club: www.purevolume.com/1090clubwww.myspace.com/1090club

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