Katie Herzig

Katie Herzig

Katie Herzig

Apple Tree

Marion-Lorraine Records

Arising from the morass of overwrought, overdone, virtually tuneless music coming out recently, Katie Herzig’s Apple Tree is certain to become a favorite of those looking for something fun, fresh, and memorable. The Colorado born Herzig gained some notice while fronting the band Newcomers Home before needing to move to Nashville to aid her career. She has toured with Dar Williams, Shawn Colvin, and The Fray. The fact that her songs have already been featured on TV shows and movies including One Tree Hill, Sex in the City, and Grey’s Anatomy proves that the move was a good idea.

Herzig’s folky pop feels quite modern and seems to owe more to Juliana Hatfield than Joni Mitchell and will fit nicely alongside CDs by the likes of Erin McKeown or Eleni Mandell. The blond songstress has a chirpy, quirky voice that thankfully never gets into Minnie Mouse mode, and is wonderfully infectious. The record is remarkably well produced and manages to be nicely layered with some unconventional instrumentation without detracting from Herzig’s voice and lyrics. The songs on Apple Tree range from moody ballads to jauntier songs like “How the West Was Won” and “Forevermore” which seem to fit Herzig’s talents the best.

Katie Herzig’s is the kind of CD that threatens to take over any iPod it is on and become a soundtrack to summer 2009.

Katie Herzig: www.katieherzig.com

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