Pine Leaf Boys

Pine Leaf Boys

Pine Leaf Boys

Homage Au Passé


Somewhere in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, they must keep a time capsule for bands like the Pine Leaf Boys. The only thing missing from this authentic-sounding CD of old-time music is the scratch of the needle wearing through the shellac. They sing in Cajun with twin fiddles by Courtney Grainger and Wilson Savoy (who also covers accordion), and two basses (a standup and an electric) help the drummer keep in time. The sound could fit right into any small town post-war 250 watt AM station, right between the farm report and the local funeral notices. Their songs are mostly self-written, tending toward waltzes and two steps with a nasal vocal that feels equally at home in a Honky Tonk or a church choir.

The Pine Leaf Boys have two well-deserved Grammy nominations, and it’s time they take home the silver gramophone. This is blue collar country music at its finest — no pretensions, no slick light show, and a website that shows you how to set up a stage for them to perform. They might be rolling up late in a beat-up ’49 Mercury and not have time for a sound check, but they’ll still fill the joint; people on the interstate will exit just to hear them play.

Pine Leaf Boys:

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