The Spores

The Spores

The Spores

Doom Pop


Call them noise rock, call them electro-pop, call them brilliant, and they’ll always be The Spores. They’ve cranked out another album like a multi-colored, flashing music machine, and it’s called Doom Pop. And anyone who knows The Spores knows that this should have been a DVD, not just a CD.

The Spores are known and revered for their live performances and Doom Pop seems to be missing that visual element that so sharply enhances the audience’s experience. Also, their energy is what makes them so intense and provocative, but I would say a good portion of the album is rather subdued and lacking in energy. The rest of the album is hot, pointy, and hard, but it doesn’t quite balance it all out.

For those who have not had the privilege of ever seeing The Spores live or hearing them before, I urge you to investigate their previous album Imagine The Future for a great example of how infectious The Spores can be.

Who they remind you of: Frou Frou, Mindless Self Indulgence

The Spores:

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