Dear Landlord

Dear Landlord

Dear Landlord

Dream Home

No Idea

Punk rock may have been dragged through the muck over its multiple decades of existence, and there are only so many chord progressions that can be had using three to four chords, but still, when a new team of musical ruffians put out a record that yanks you by the ears and hangs on tight it’s a reminder as to why punk rock has won over so many fans over the years in the first place.

Dear Landlord, an Illinois conglomeration that includes members of The Copyrights and Rivethead, is a band to bring jaded, “old school” fans back into the arm-hold of punk’s pop-friendly younger brother. With songs that are instantly pogo-able, sing-along-able, and as tasty as a $1.00 beer, their No Idea debut Dream Homes is pure, unapologetic, high energy fun. Like Green Day’s Dookie, NOFX’s Punk in Drublic, or Less Than Jake’s Pezcore, it’s a an album to be devoured on a drive, windows down, music blaring. Though it sounds like none of these modern pop punk classics, it’s got the same start to finish and repeat quality — destined to have its lyrics memorized in a matter of hours. If you’re not a full album listener, and you absolutely must pick it apart in small sample portions, start with “I Live in Hell,” “Doormat,” “Last Time I Checked,” and “Whiskey and Records.”

File them alongside Face to Face, NOFX, Descendents, or — for more modern references — Off With Their Heads or Gatorface.

Dear Landlord:

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