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Hey Israel, white flags mean don’t shoot

Israeli troops fired on Gazans waving white flags

JERUSALEM – Israeli soldiers battling Hamas militants last winter in Gaza opened fire on at least seven groups of Palestinian civilians who were carrying white flags, killing 11 people, according to a Human Rights Watch report released Thursday.

During the three-week conflict, the U.S.-based human rights group says, Israeli soldiers in separate parts of Gaza killed five women, four children and two men as they used white flags to try to escape the battle zone.

The report raises new questions about the actions of Israeli soldiers during the military offensive. A United Nations investigation into possible war crimes continues. McClatchy documented in January one of the instances that Thursday’s report outlines. </em>

Yet another account of brutality from America’s “ally” in the Middle East. And yet another one that will disappear with no accountability for the murderers.

The only defense they have ever offered is roughly, the world wants to eliminate the Jews, hence all we’re doing is self defense. Well, here’s a news flash. The world doesn’t hate the Jews.

They hate Israelis.

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