Red Stick Ramblers

Red Stick Ramblers

Red Stick Ramblers

My Suitcase is Always Packed

Sugar Hill

More good times roll as another American band revives the roots of country, rock, and honky-tonk. Red Stick Ramblers snuck out of Louisiana with a suitcase full of the tunes that used to fill the 250-watt rural radio waves until Clear Channel swallowed the market whole.

Opening the party we find foot stomper “Je T’aime Pas Mieux,” a sardonic love song in Cajun French that might translate as “I love you better (than whoever I’ll meet next)…” We follow quickly with a string of equally skeptical songs that come over in clear, unaccented English. If there’s a multicultural element in sad songs about love doomed to failure before the first kiss, these guys have nailed it. A sparingly laid back “Lay Down in the Grass” shows a less energetic side of the band, but all in all they slide easily between the squeaky Cajun fuddle of “Nonc’ Yorick” and the blue-eyed country of a young Hank Williams in “Goodbye To The Blues.”

This is an exciting bunch of roots rockers that might join you at the bar and offer a beer or a friendly fight in the parking lot. I love these guys…

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