The Titans Companion Volume 2

The Titans Companion Volume 2

The Titans Companion Volume 2

by Glen Cadigan


One of the most appealing aspects of comic books is the obsessive-compulsive nature they flare up in the reader. Some comic book geeks have OCD in all aspects of life, while others use comics to compartmentalize the urges. The Titans Companion Volume 2 is a useful mental health tool, recommended to all insanely (well, not technically insane) devoted Teen Titans fans.

Glen Cadigan is the pre-imminent authority on all things Teen Titan, and he is back for a second collection of Teen Titan glory! The book is filled with 222 pages of interviews and art from Titan creators. Any holes in your knowledge of Superboy, The Outsiders, Nightwing, and any other incarnations of the series will be plugged by Cadigan’s pointed questions to Marv Wolfman, Geoff Johns and a host of other writers.

Your animated Teen Titans DVD box set needs a companion, and here it is, ready to snuggle into your bookshelf and watch over your room with your Teen Titans collection. When you feel the desire to count pixels in your television, take a deep breath and make eye contact with The Titans Companion Vol. 2 and know that everything is all right.


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