Stereotyping is fine as long as you ain’t talkin’ ’bout no white

Stereotyping is fine as long as you ain’t talkin’ ’bout no white

Fox News Host Slanders Muslim Soldiers by Association With Ft. Hood Shooter
Digg Tweet By Spencer Ackerman 11/6/09 12:49 PM

You might think that that commentary about a deranged lone gunman ought to await the facts, but you’re not going to get a job at Fox News with that attitude. Raw Story catches Fox’s Brian Kilmeade asking a guest, “Do you think it’s time for the military to have special debriefings of Muslim Army officers — anybody enlisted?” And with that, hundreds, if not thousands, of servicemembers with Muslim heritage are slandered.

My favorite response to that comes from VetVoice’s Richard Allen Smith:

A dumb f—- idea, not the least of reasons being that Major Hasan’s records indicated he had no religious preference”, so he wouldn’t have been screened anyway.

But this is the way it goes. We were told by Fox News that to blame right-wingers for the actions of George Tiller’s murderer or the anti-Semite who shot up the Holocaust Museum was out of line. But Muslim soldiers — people who guard the freedoms that Fox bleats about with jingoistic sanctimony — are to be slandered by association. This is a disgrace to the memories of Spc. Kareem R. Khan, Capt. Humayun Saqib Khan, and so many others who have given their lives for this country.

Indeed. Faux Noise tells us that calling things by their right names in the case of white religious hysterics and bigots is out of line, but its ok to say that all Muslims in the military are worthy of discrimination because possibly one of them went nuts and shot folks.

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