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This modern world has turned the marketing side of musicianship from endless door knocking and rejection into a DIY project that’s only limited by how many emails you can collect. T. H. White is a complete modern musician — he writes, records, performs, mixes, distributes, and for all I know does his own album art. Occasionally, he brings in specialized technical help like female vocalist Meghan Wolf (from Guiding Light and Law and Order). His music is lush and electrical, picking up on all the tricks and gimmicks of trance, rave, electro, and that plethora of house sounds I can never keep straight.

“The Darkest Horse” highlights Wolf’s voice over the rippling chords of a dance club, then he takes us on a darker, bass-heavy experience with “The Earth is On Fire.” It’s smoldering a bit around here with the surround sound on, but soon enough we are down in the ‘hood with “Rekognize Real,” a hip hop-influenced trip with light scratching and some sort of socially relevant rap in the backdrop. We return to the dance floor with “Silver Gold,” and conclude with the nearly jazz “Five Hands On.”

As this cook’s tour of T. H. White’s recording skills concludes, one thought sticks in my noise-addled mind — this guy knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it right.

T. H. White: www.myspace.com/thwhitemusic

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