Country Music Fun Time Activity Book

Country Music Fun Time Activity Book

Country Music Fun Time Activity Book

by Aye Jay

ECW Press

Aye Jay has already made Gangsta Rap, Heavy Metal, and Punk Rock accessible to grade school kids, but fun for their parents. Now he is back to make another genre exciting for young and old. Country Music Fun Time Activity Book is full of more singers to color, word search, and much more. So Aye Jay, can we color Kenny Chesney, Charley Pride, and Randy Travis? You bet! You can also color Toby Keith, but only in red, white, and blue. What activities are in store? Connect the dots to make David Allen Coe’s beard or draw Billy Ray Cyrus’s mullet. Do a country mad lib to Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” or see how many words you can make out of Hank Williams Jr. You want word searches? How about a country group word search? Try to find groups like Big and Rich, Flying Burrito Brothers, and New Riders of the Purple Sage. For the alt-country fans, there is an alternative country crossword where you have to write the band name that corresponds to the album. For example, 4. Across: Anodyne. Answer: Uncle Tupelo. Just like his other activity books, Aye Jay has made another fun and entertaining activity and coloring book that will make even adult country fans grab the crayons.

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