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Not all rockers are long-haired, scary sex machines. More than a few rock groups are populated with pleasant young men who are polite, upbeat, and the sort of people you would invite over to Sunday dinner. The four guys in Capybara might even bring a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of not-too-expensive Chardonnay if they thought it appropriate. This quartet from the heartland (Kansas City if you’re keeping score) plays acoustic guitar and xylophone, claps hands, and gently brushes cymbals on a very small drum kit while making music that’s both happy and uplifting, but not in a sappy, lovesick manner.

There’s not a sad thought on this disc, although “Happiness/Let the Child Roam” might make you drift off, and “Magpies” uses the word “emotion” in a non-self-affirming manner, but “Hello Glow City” almost rocks and “Cutaway Kid” might even make you consider getting out of your chair and swaying gently. There’s also not a threatening idea on this disc; it’s a pleasant Sunday afternoon walk in the park followed by a home-cooked lasagna dinner with a close friend. A light romantic comedy would be a pleasant follow-up, and Capybara ought to be part of the date.

Capybara: http://www.therecordmachine.nethttp://www.capybaramusic.com

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