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No Friends exists more as a studio project and sometimes live band than as a band in the traditional sense of the term.

And why would a group that just put out a noteworthy explosive burst of hardcore carnage limit themselves in such a manner? Mostly because of geography. Vocalist Tony Foresta lives in Richmond, VA while the remaining three members call Orlando home. But wait, that’s not the only obstacle for this merry band of musical vagrants. Foresta also leads up thrash metal monster Municipal Waste while guitarist Sam Johnson heads up Virgins, bassist Alex Goldfarb does time in both Virgins and Gatorface, and drummer Richard Minino plays in Gatorface and None More Black in addition to producing boatloads of artwork under the Horsebites moniker (he’s also part of design group The Black Axe). Oh, and those last three dudes also used to play in New Mexican Disaster Squad.

It’s anyone’s guess as to how these overachievers ever managed to get this 20 minutes of music recorded at all! Lucky for fans of brutalized punk – just the sort that ’80s kids got their panties in a bunch over – that they did because the resulting album is one of intoxicating fun and fury. It never lets up on its assault on that part of the brain that makes you want to smash your head into something and pummel your neighbor at the same time (affectionately, of course). The lineage of three of the album’s best tracks, “Broken Windows,” “We’ve Got No Friends,” and “Black Hearse,” could be traced back to The Descendents and Circle Jerks. Everything about this band, from the sound to the spontaneity of the forming and the looseness of their existence, feels refreshingly unstable, just like hardcore days of yore.

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