Underworld vs. The Misterons

Underworld vs. The Misterons

Underworld vs. The Misterons



I had some trouble getting my head around this collection of jazzy classics and original material from remix wizards Karl Hyde and Rick Smith. Most of the cuts here are obscurities from the likes of Roxy Music and Mahavishnu Orchestra, and it wasn’t completely clear if the tracks were lifted wholesale or remixed. It took careful reading of the press material to report thatmost of this disc is a compilation of original songs that impressed the pair, but they added a few of their own. It’s a personal mix, and you’ll agree that most of these songs are worth revisiting. Roxy’s “2HB” takes you into Brian Ferry’s personal cabaret with a song about lost love, Soft Machine’s “Penny Hitch” is a dreamy mix of slow electronica and Modern Jazz that ought to underlie a collection of early computer animation, and the Detroit Experiment provides a nearly danceable “Space Odyssey.” Brian Eno participates in the project as well; he provides a melodic backup to Hyde’s urban poetry. Underworld contributes a single cut from the soundtrack from an obscure film called “Oh.” It slides right into the hip spaciness of this collection, and the whole experience replicates the sort of club where everyone is too hip to dance.

!K7: www.k7.com • Underworld: http:www.underworldlive.com

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