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Should everything on the web be attributable?

Uh, no:

The pros and cons of cyber identity and attribution on the Internet

From Nadia Short’s point of view, cyber identity and attribution on the Internet is “the holy grail.” As vice president of strategy and business development at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, which supplies products and services to U.S. defense and intelligence agencies, she sees attribution on the Web as critical to fighting cybercrime.

“If we could figure out who is doing harm to us, the deterrent would be much greater,” and the number of cyber threats would be reduced, Short said, speaking on a panel at the IT Security Entrepreneurs’ Forum at Stanford University Wednesday. “We need to recognize that we need to be putting in place mechanisms to facilitate attribution.”

But Jeff Moss, founder and director of the Black Hat security conference, said there’s a constitutional right to anonymous political speech in the U.S. He doesn’t see any technologies, whether it’s DNSSEC or IPV6 that will solve the problem. </em>

It’s called freedom of speech, and it exists anyplace…and with any method of speech.

Just ask Wikileaks how they feel about it.

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