Sandy Hurvitz

Sandy Hurvitz

Sandy Hurvitz

Sandy’s Album Is Here At Last!

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Frank Zappa had a knack for picking out great musicians and annoying them until they left for successful solo careers on their own. One of his lesser known picks is the young singer-songwriter Sandy Hurvitz. She met Zappa through the sort of random occurrences that populate rock and roll lore and ended up singing vocals for him. He offered to produce her first album, and then seemed to have gone out of his way to destroy it. The result is this plaintive and dreamy collection of songs that are basically Hurvitz singing and accompanying herself on the piano. Her style reminds you of early Carole King or Joni Mitchell — she has an earthy voice, an acceptable range, and a lot of heart. None of the songs grab you as a hit, the arrangements are nonexistent, and none of the music is really presented as well as it could be. There are traces of early hippiedom; “Archgodliness of Purpleful Magic” just begs for an electric guitar and Moog to bring you to a peak LSD experience. Other songs are more conventional, but the album’s slow pace and lack of punch make for a frustrating listening experience. Hurvitz went on to marry, change her name, and put out another two albums, but this debut shows more raw talent and possibility than mastery or potential realized.

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