Galaxia Tropicalia

Fanatic Records

It’s nice to see a band with a gimmick — every song on this collection is named after a woman, although who dated whom, when, or where is a secret. The music doesn’t sound all that Latin, rather there’s a rolling beat that verges on a waltz or a key changing, mixed beat, rock and roll sound. Over the slightly fuzzed up guitar we hear a male vocal, sometimes singing harmony with himself, sometimes emitting an urgent counterpoint as it seeks love or romance or sex. He’s a guy, so I’m sure he’s flexible on the details.

Blasfemea uses every dance trick in the book; the tight 4/4 underlays a set of nicely constructed pop hooks and simple, if cryptic, lyrics. “Ida” features extra vocal support from the Dead Kids under a soaring disco line straight out of a Bee Gee’s soundtrack. “Victoria” must have been a tall one; they compare her to a certain African waterfall. And “Marie,” the first girl on their list, that’s where true love lives — “I could write your name for hours.” Not what most guys do, so someone must REALLY like her. This is a solid, listenable album that combines clever pop sensibility with enough danceabilty to get you moving while doing the dishes or commuting or even getting up on the floor with your next girlfriend. I can’t wait for their next disc.


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