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Archie Bronson Outfit

Archie Bronson Outfit


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If Pink Floyd or the Grateful Dead had modern video editing software, they would have made the videos this band created. UK’s Archie Bronson Outfit sounds like the deep bass, guitar-on-fire sound that created the modern metal sound way back in the ’70s. Somewhat less pretentious than Led Zeppelin and a touch more melodic than Hawkwind, this band brings us back to the sound I grew up on. They aren’t just a revival band – they actually “get” the concept behind metal – it’s not just being loud for loud’s sake (not that that’s a sin), but they see melodies that lurk in the overtones and distortion that good parents everywhere despise. Leading the charge is Sam Windett on vocals and guitar, with Dorian Hobday right behind on bass. Drummer Mark (aka “Arp”) Cleveland is still working through a nickname issue, but he pulls his weight as well.

One cool aspect of this band it their website – ignore the Rasta-Tropical graphics and check out the series of low budget videos they have posted, one for each song. The coolest one starts the show. It’s a clipped paper animation of a WWII pilot dying and going to heaven (“Magnetic Warrior”). “Hunt You Down” features a slower, rocking-in-the-country beat with a herd of T-Rex wandering around looking hungry, and “Wild Strawberries” takes a more traditional approach to metal – Cleveland drums hard, and if any strawberries appear, they are instantly beaten into a nice, tasty jam. These guys bring back the early days of head banging, but with the Bedrock-modernized sensibility of the modern world. Yabba Dabba Do, boys and girlz!

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