People Like Us & Wobbly

People Like Us & Wobbly

People Like Us & Wobbly

Music For the Fire

Illegal Art

You either love this sort of thing or it makes you tear out your hair. Over a minor bass guitar line, Jon Leidecker (he’s the “Wobbly” part of this joint project) and Vicki Bennett (she’s “People Like Us”) build a sound collage of voices, music samples and found audio. The story seems to be about a long-term couple’s date night, failed sexual congress, and the disappointing aftermath of late night TV. Being Collage, there’s only a shattered story line requiring your rapt attention to grasp — it’s like hearing a couple argue in the next apartment. Nonsensical documentary-style narration implies some mild bondage and spanking, the birth of a child, and the growth of a marriage. I’m vamping here, but the subtext implies a real domestic pairing with commitment overcoming the ups and downs revealed via private shorthand developed over a year of cohabitation. Your inner voyeur will find this seductive, and your outer hipster will happily grimace at the Karen Carpenter and Elton John samples. This is five acres of cool if you are willing to work for it.

People Like Us:

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