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Downtown Merry-Go-Round

Silent Majority Group/ILG

Sometimes you need to just go bang your head, and to hell with issues and sensibility and art. This Orlando-based quartet partially redeems the city for the insipid Perlman-inspired pop that trashed Central Florida’s rock cred a few years ago.

“What You’re Thinking” pounds out an alcohol-fueled lament about a lost girlfriend who probably was never destined for a second date. This CD is engineered very tightly with no delay between tracks; as soon as one song is done the drummer grabs a fresh, less-splintered club, and we’re off to the vaguely country feeling of “Poster Boys,” which might just be the pickup line that led to “What You’re Thinking’s” rejection.

Singer Brooks has a “made for a bar band” voice, and the guitarists backing him up (Kevin Parrow, Tony Aguirre, and Lee Gianou on bass) keep him in line and give him the sort of driving bed that his vocal style demands. The band’s pop style falls in line with OK Go and Household Names, and there’s enough variation on this collection to keep you from getting bored. The lyrics are spiffy enough to entertain if you care to listen, but won’t overwhelm if you’re checking out the blonde by the bar. This music never leaves that lingering aftertaste of oil slicks – Jägermeister and Budweiser are the dominant notes, along with some deep fried something or other to act like you’re actually planning to eat tonight. I got some new pegged jeans and retro bowling shirt – let’s roll!

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