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Dan Sartain

Dan Sartain

Dan Sartain Lives

One LIttle Indian

It’s sexy, it’s smokey, it’s dirty in a way that only southern white boys playing the blues can make it – Dan Sartain’s latest offering, Dan Sartain Lives, sounds about as modern as a skipping record… and that’s a good thing.

Few can tap into the past without sounding nostalgic, but with the assistance of producer Liam Watson (who added his magic touch to The White Stripes’ Elephant), the Alabama rockabilly reveler does just that. A Sartain release sounds more like a long lost record that’s been collecting dust in your grandpa’s attic than a crisp new release now available on CD, LP, or mp3!

With a vocal drawl that’s a little like Lux Interior’s, and a guitar sound that taps into the surf rock wave dominated by the likes of Dick Dale and Link Wray, Dan Sartain is a southern-fried shot of whiskey on a hot summer day. Fans of rockabilly, garage rock, and southern blues look alive! This sneaky little release has got the cure for all of your hip swinging (“Bohemian Grove”), speed freak strutting (“Walk Among the Cobras IV”), God-defying (“Atheist Funeral”), painful soul exposing (“What You Gonna Do?”), and after hours attempts at true love (“Ruby Carol”) needs.

Dan Sartain:

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