Club 8

Club 8

Club 8

The People’s Record


Abba meets Afro Pop in this charming collection of sweaty party music. We open with the driving “Western Hospitality,” spiced with a fading “oo-EEEoo” female vocal and ambient party noise. A slight pause for breath, and then our female backing turns into a dreamy lead, her long blonde hair and titanium white bikini glowing against a croissant brown tan and letting you know melanoma is the farthest thing from her mind. Lyrics are minimal — but sexy, polyrhythmic drumming gets you in the mood, and your number one priority tonight is alternating the mojitos with mineral water, lest you end before the party does. After the 5000-calorie work out of “Shape Up!” there’s a breather. “Dancing With the Mentally Ill” slows down, allowing you to mop the sweat from your eyes and remove that ridiculous polyester sport coat. More pop happiness follows; even a potential downer like “We’re All Going to Die” makes me smile.

From where I stand, there’s nothing but smooth sailing ahead on this disc. Karolina Komstedt’s breathy vocals are just the icing on this indie pop disc that really pulls a new sound out of the shattered artistic debris of the Indie Aesthetic.


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