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Bridges and Blinking Lights

Bridges & Blinking Lights

Heroes, Guns & Snakes

Look out, here comes another semi-innovative power pop band! Bridges & Blinking Lights crawls out of the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex with a decently urgent set of modern pop sensibilities and scratchy, screechy vocals from Jake Wilganowski. The topics are of alienation and failed romance, the arrangements chunky and spare with occasional flashes of guitar fire. Songs like “Solo American” take that walking at midnight feeling from Dylan’s Time Out of Mind and turn it into a small scale Leonard Bernstein street fight minus the dancing. Touches of Old Mexico lurk here, and as with any great Tejas band, we find cross-border love in “Consuela” and a bit of terminal gloom permeates “Death Bed.” I would compare this band favorably to any other indie band on the scene today – they seem to have more heart in their song writing and more restraint in their playing than most, and they seem to grasp the operatic concept of building to a climax when so many other bands start at 11 and work their way down. I’d drop by and see them if they ever played SXSW or my local hangout.

Bridges & Blinking Lights:

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