Too whackadoo for the GOP? Whoa.

Too whackadoo for the GOP? Whoa.

GOP will try to get own candidate off NY ballot

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — Republicans will try to remove their own candidate from the ballot in a suburban New York congressional race because he wrote an article warning against racial mingling, a party official said Wednesday.

Jim Russell, 56, a perennial GOP candidate known for his strong opposition to immigration, wrote in 2001 that parents should teach their children “an acceptance of appropriate ethnic boundaries for socialization and for marriage.”

Several times, he cited the eugenics movement, the effort to improve the human race by controlling heredity. In a long recitation of the accomplishments of Western civilization, he also quoted T.S. Eliot as writing, “reasons of race and culture combine to make any large number of freethinking Jews undesirable.”

Westchester County Republican Chairman Doug Colety called Russell’s article “racist.”

“We’ve denounced his campaign,” Colety said. “We’re not supporting him. We’ve withdrawn funds, volunteers, all resources. This is not the way Republicans think.”

Wow. Too racist for the GOP. That’s sayin’ something, buddy.

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