Gregorian BC

Gregorian BC

Gregorian BC

Conquistadors of War

Here’s a metal band you could classify as “thinking man’s rock.” The chords crash mightily, the lyrics search the depths of heaven and the heights of hell, swords are wielded in the press kit, and best of all, you can hear what’s being sung. Yes, my pierced and tatted friends, Gregorian BC trusts YOU to set the volume where you want and not where some poor audio engineer puts it to mollify a producer. So what does metal sound like when you can hear the words? It’s pretty philosophical: “Live Today” advises “Don’t work your life away/ I know a better way” and “Arise” offers “Either march or die.”

Gregorian BC is pretty much a one-man operation run by a very serious Brian Chupp, and he sees himself as a modern-day conquistador. His voice is low and resonant, almost to the point of making you think he’s been Quaaluded digitally. His guitar work hits the metal chords where they count, and his songwriting hearkens back to the days of the concept album but realizes with today’s pharmacological realities, three concept songs is about all most people will take anymore. But trilogies are very metal, and Mr. Chupp makes these three songs about Spain in its glory days count. With a ballad-like feel they recount the manly rise of Spain and her demonic defeat at the hands of the elderberry-smelling English.

Gregorian BC has a distinct metallic sound, but exceptional song writing and clear, striking imagery sets the band apart from the pack. It’s perfectly OK to crank this ’til the plaster peels, but it’s equally as enjoyable at a Mom and Dad pleasing amplitude. They might even like it, which would be a shame because then you couldn’t. You know how that works. Keep this to yourself.

Gregorian BC:

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