Run Where No One Goes

Mermaid Records

The cover of this little EP features a striking image of Ms. Kira Skov — strategically long hair, high cheekbones, and her piercing gaze that makes you uncomfortable just trying to stare back. That’s just in line with her music — it pierces the soul as it builds to a quiet but frightening crescendo on heartbreakers like “Hard Rain” and “Riders of the Freeway.” The topics are the usual: lives entwined, falling into the arms of oblivion, and bass lines in a minor key. “Makes a Man” gets around to the deceitful partner in a relationship, but Kira’s voice makes it sound like she might just try a third time to save things, even if she drags him over the coals. I wish her good luck, and I think she might just pull it off.

Backing Kira’s sultry and intense vocals are some solid musicians. I really like the bass lines from the wonderfully named Nicolai Munch-Hansen, and guitarist Oliver Hoiness rips a nice electric feedback chord. These guys are good, but they know their place and never overwhelm the vocals. A native of Denmark, Ms. Skov circled through L.A. and London learning her chops, and now she mixes heartfelt songwriting with icy cold vocals. Either someone has worked her over emotionally, or she’s really good at faking it.

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