• Top 19 Dead People of 2010

    Carl F Gauze reviews 19 movers and shakers we’ll miss in the New Year.

  • Top 19 Dead People of 2010

    Top 19 Dead People of 2010

    Carl F Gauze reviews 19 movers and shakers we’ll miss in the New Year.

  • Motorhead in the Studio

    Motorhead in the Studio

    How does one make a book about Motorhead, hard-drugging and hard-thrashing metal godfathers, boring? Read on…

  • Independence Days

    Independence Days

    The history of teeny, tiny labels that launched some really big bands. Before the out-crowd became the in-crowd.

  • In Session

    In Session

    Two legendary blues men swapping licks and telling tales. It’s a shame it seems recorded at ten in the morning. James Mann let’s the music do the talking.

  • Epiphany


    Delerium brings its spacey warmth to the 9:30 Club in this 2008 concert film. Carl F. Gauze knew he was saving those glowsticks for something…

  • Albare


    After the Rain (Holy Cow Records). Review by Robert Sutton.

  • I Love You, You Big Dummy

    I Love You, You Big Dummy

    Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart has died of complications from MS at 69 — now that’s some Low Yo Yo stuff. James Mann recalls a genius.

  • Bleu


    Four (The Major Label). Review by Sean Slone.

  • T. Rex (reissue!)

    T. Rex (reissue!)

    The Slider (Fat Possum). Review by Scott Adams.

  • Terry Carleton

    Terry Carleton

    How do you attract a comedian’s attention? For singer/songwriter Terry Carleton, you write a song about him. In this case, the celebrity is Pee-wee Herman, who Carleton has been trying to court with the Fab Five-fueled single, “Good Morning, Mr. Breakfast.” Will Herman ever hear the track, or will The Playhouse Gang give it a thumbs down? Carleton speaks to Robert Sutton about his own “Big Adventure.”

  • Mermaids


    Tropsicle (Pretty Ambitious Records). Review by Laura Pontillo.

  • Voice of Addiction

    Voice of Addiction

    As part of Chicago’s Wrecking Ball Punk Festival, Voice of Addiction stood out in a sea of genre-defying punk rock. Chris Catania was wooed by their rowdy rhythms.

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