Yeth Yeth Yeth


Just a couple of dudes in a smoky warehouse, banging it out, who sound not all that concerned about what people think. They’ve crafted highly contagious, radioactive content, influenced by syncopated electronic music and the music they loved from the ’80s. Fops does it right.

“Ghost Town” is infectious! And is that someone taking a saw to something and playing it on a loop, or just someone rubbing guitar strings? If so, that is awesome. Dee Kesler mumbles, and the beat feels like a metronome attached to my body, making me move, making me love it. I’m into it. The call-and-answer chorus to “Solid Copper Huntress” is gentle and addicting, and I imagine dancing like a sleepy person on the dance floor. “Maple Mountain” reminds me of every awesome brooding ’80s track played in a foggy, dank nightclub.

This year they’ll release Priests in Them Caves, and I’ll be keeping my ear to the earth for updates. If you haven’t seen the video for “Yellow Jacket Corpse” on Vimeo, you are really missing out.


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