Vanity Theft

Vanity Theft

Vanity Theft

Get What You Came For

Vigilante Music/Adamant Records

Why do I love Vanity Theft’s popcentric take on grrrl rock? For the same reason I can’t resist The Donnas — because, though they’re not making any strides to redefine music, they know how to structure a pop song and back it with a little bit of a dirty punch.

Get What You Came For, with its perfectly constructed little three-minute nuggets, is brought to sparkling life by four adorable chicks who are barely of legal drinking age — one of whom, oddly, is a former Disney Channel star (Lalaine from Lizzie McGuire). Before disregarding the group merely for its Disney association, take “Anatomy,” and “Limb From Limb” for a spin. These two songs alone, and perhaps in spite of the rest of the otherwise redundant record, make this little band from Dayton, Ohio worth opening your brainwaves to.

It may not be life changing, but it’s pop music with a youthfully naive tough girl sneer, and if it worked for The Runaways and Tegan & Sara, then why not for Vanity Theft?

Vanity Theft:

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